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2011 Wiesner Insurance Ontario Cross Country Championship Presented by Husqvarna is only a few weeks away!!

    The first round of the Wiesner Insurance Cross Country Championship Presented by Husqvarna is only a few weeks away!!  Last season's Championship revitalized the sport in Ontario with a significant influx of new riders, new sponsors, flawless electronic timekeeping, and record levels of media attention.   2011 is shaping up to be a banner year!


    Historic Motopark in Chatsworth will host the first round of the Spring series on Sunday May 15th with event title sponsor Mission Cycle KTM.   The terrain at Motopark is among the best available in Ontario and this year the course will be signifigantly longer than last year's courses. 



    Wiesner Insurance will be putting $100 on the line for the Pro Holeshot Award and an additional $100 towards the Amateur Fastest Lap Award.  KTM Canada will be putting $100 on the line for the Amateur Holeshot Award! Also new this year is the Pee-Wee Championship – there was a lot of support for this class in 2010 so we want to keep the momentum, there will be a Sping and Fall Pee Wee Champion same as the other classes.



    If you have not already done so please visit our site to sign up for your CMRC competition license.  They will be available for purchase at all the events but you will save time getting it in advance – last season there were riders still buying licenses at the last round!! One of the coolest things about being a dirt bike racer in Ontario this season is the huge variety of races available to riders holding a CMRC competition license. Riders with full competition licenses can compete in four completely different styles of racing this season, from Motocross to Cross-Country to XSprint to Obstacross.

    CMRC President Mark Stallybrass says, "We’re trying to encourage riders to get out and ride more. By providing license holders the opportunity to participate in all disciplines of CMRC sanctioned events only adds to the value of having a full competition license. Now CMRC license holders have a great variety of off-road events to race with no additional license cost". http://www.cmrcracing.com/

    Not interested in motocross? No problem, you can save yourself 60 bucks by getting a CMRC off-road-only license and still have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 37 different sanctioned, points paying off-road races to choose from! OBX promoter Joe Borda explains. "Obstacross, WEC XC events and the X Sprint Series will all be covered under the CMRC Annual License. The fee is $80. If riders wish to race Motocross as well the fee becomes $140. Obstacross is offering a one-event license for $25 for those that are new to racing and want to try their throttle hand at it. This license is exclusive to Obstacross only. It’s fantastic the CMRC has come to the plate for these off road disciplines, otherwise there would be a membership fee of similar cost for each series plus added confusion for racers, sponsors and promoters. Keeping all these forms of dirt bike racing under one umbrella keeps things simple! Obstacross, WEC and X Sprint are working together to prevent cross-over dates and to co-promote each others series. I expect the skill level of the riders to accelerate this season due to the diverse terrain they will be encountering if they ride all three types of off-road races, let alone throwing some motocross into the mix."

    Improving the skill level of Ontario’s racers to be able to compete at a National and World level of off-road racing is a priority of both the CMRC and World Enduro Canada. Encouraging riders to compete in a variety of events is how they plan to do it.

    XSprint is another key ingredient to the CMRC family of off-road races in Ontario this season. The XSprint series, designed to emulate the three special tests of the CEC enduro series, kicks off at Parry Sound June 19. Three of the five rounds are races against the clock, while the Welland and Motopark rounds will be run bar to bar as ‘Full Throttle’ events with a strong motocross/endurocross bias. As a perfect highlight to the degree of cooperation between all CMRC/WEC dirt bike disciplines in Ontario, the points from the two Canadian Enduro Championship rounds at Motopark Sept 17-18 will also count toward the XSprint series! http://www.dirtybikesxtreme.ca/index.php/xsprint

    The newest addition to the bar-to-bar ‘new school off-road racing’ formula is the OBX series. Small, tight courses with Endurocross-style obstacles bring off-road racing to the masses at fairs and community events across the province. Motocross aggression and speed, technical riding skill and even showmanship go hand in hand at these exciting races. Last fall motorcycles were introduced to the formerly ATV-only series as an experiment. They were such a hit that the OBX series has taken on a new, more serious racing attitude for their action packed 2011 season. OBX takes off May 7-8 in beautiful Midland, ON. http://www.obstacross.com/

See you at the races!!!!!!