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2016 Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) Schedule

Total of 12 Regions, 43 Races and 42 Gate Spots in each Class

How Regional Qualifying Works

Riders are encouraged to participate in the Amateur National Qualifier events (ANQs) that rank your positioning for the TransCan. Entry priority is determined by the results from each Regional ANQ Series and the Regional Entry Allocations. Additional regional entries and entries for lower qualified riders will be accepted if allocated positions are not filled. Time of entry was received and paid in full does come into play in the case of a tie in points for position and or the “0” points tie breaker after full regional allocations have taken place. If you are unable to attend and ANQ event still register asap. The bracketed number (x) below is the minimum number of guaranteed pre-entry gate positions allocated per region for each ANQ Championship Series.

Vancouver Island – GNC Allocation (2)

ANQ Events = 4

Saturday & Sunday, March 19/20 at Victoria

Saturday & Sunday, May 28/29 at Nanaimo

Contact: www.futurewestmoto.ca

British Columbia GNC Allocation (3)

ANQ Events = 6

Saturday & Sunday, April 2/3 at Kamloops

Saturday & Sunday, April 30/ May1 at Popkum

Saturday & Sunday, June 18/19 at Cloverdale

Contact: www.futurewestmoto.ca

Alberta North (ADRA) GNC Allocation (2)

ANQ Events = 4

Saturday & Sunday, May 28 & 29 at Valiant Memorial, Fort McMurray

Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5 at Valiant Memorial, Fort McMurray

Contact: ADRA www.albertadirtriders.com

Alberta South (AMSA) – GNC Allocation (3)

ANQ Events = 4

Saturday & Sunday, April 30 & May 1 at Raymond

Sunday, May 29 at Brooks MX Park

Saturday, June 18 at Calgary Wildrose MX Park

Contact: AMSA www.amsamx.com

Saskatchewan – GNC Allocation (2)

ANQ Events = 3

Sunday, May 8 at Swift Current

Sunday, May 29 at Weyburn

Sunday, June 12 at Lloydminster at Alcurve

Contact: www.saskmotocross.com

Manitoba – GNC Allocation (2)

ANQ Events = 3

Sunday, May 8 at McNabb Valley MX, Minnedosa

Sunday, May 29 at GMX, Grunthal

Sunday, June 19 at Farm Boys Raceway, Brandon

Contact: www.mbmotox.com

Northern Ontario – GNC Allocation (1)

ANQ Events = 1

Saturday, June 11 at Atikokan

Contact: Superior Dirt Riders

Central Ontario – GNC Allocation (1)

ANQ Events = 4

Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15 at Runway Park

Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12 at Runway Park

Contact: www.runwaypark.net or sissy@amtelecom.net

South Western Ontario – GNC Allocation (10)

ANQ Events = 5

Sunday, April 24 at Moto Park

Sunday, May 15 at Gopher Dunes

Saturday & Sunday, May 28 & 29 at Sand Del Lee / Mx101

Sunday, June 12 at Walton Raceway

Sunday, June 19 at Gullymor

Contact: www.amoracing.com

Eastern Ontario – GNC Allocation (5)

ANQ Events = 3

Saturday, May 8 at Muttco Mountain

Saturday & Sunday, May 28 & 29 at Sand Del Lee / Mx101

Contact: www.mx101.ca or www.mmrs.ca johnny@mx101.ca

Quebec AMXQ – GNC Allocation (7)

ANQ Events = 3

Saturday & Sunday May 28 / 29 at at Tring-Jonction

Sunday June 5 at Sanair

Contact: www.challengequebecmotocross.com

Atlantic – GNC Allocation (4)

ANQ Events = 3

May 14 Saturday Riverglade, NB

May 22 Sunday Mill Hill, NS

June 12 Sunday Port Elgin, NB

Contact: ARMX

 About The TransCan

In 1992, the TransCan was created as Walton Raceway would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian Motocross. The TransCan was built from a great natural track, strong community support, accessibility and support from the Industry. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunity for the best Canadian racers in all age classes to compete against each other for the Canadian Motocross Amateur Grand National Championship followed by a Pro Motocross Race to wrap up the week long celebration.

 About Walton Raceway

Walton Raceway is located in Huron Country on Ontario’s West Coast. The address of the facility is 42932 Walton Road in Walton, Ontario, Canada. Walton Raceway was opened in 1971 and is one the longest running and most prestigious Motocross facilities within Canada.

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