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CMRC ATV racing July 17-18 – Walton Raceway is part of the ‘Canada Cup’ series

2010 CMRC ATV Racing Schedule

“Canada Cup” Series

Be crowned Canada’s Best – 10 “Pro Canada Cup Nationals” spread over 5 weekends

18 Provincial Races over 9 weekends With only 3 long weekends

Royal Distributing Mini ATV Series – That’s 3 races a day at 6 tracks with large mini tracks, quicker days & 24 more mini races in a different series

Yes more trophies to take home, more track time and where one bad day will not ruin the year

Canada Cup, Provincials,  Royal Distributing, Quad Xross, Mud Bog & the Fall Series.

Quad Fest 2010, 4 days in Parry Sound – Cross Country/Quad xross, Mud Bog, Provincials & Canada Cup

For the Quad Xross & Mud Bog, a CMRC ATV license is not needed for these classes, so it’s a good way to bring your friends and try ATV riding for the first time.

June 12th & 13th Festival & swap meet at Moto Park – 2 days of fun with 2 & 4 wheels! 4 wheelers on the track & 2 wheel Enduro Festival. Field Games, swap meet, food, trail rides, dealer displays, suspension tune ups & a little singing

Quick Topics as discussed at racers meeting November 14th

· Welcome our new head Referee Adam Solecki

· Welcome Ray Garmatz as staging referee

· Past hero’s, friends & referees, Gary & Tommy will be racing for 2010

· Riders meeting will start at 8 am if you arrive at 8; 05 you will be facing Mr. Solecki. This topic was discussed at the racers meeting & was a hot one. Don’t be late

· Dan & Tammy are getting married at Walton Raceway. Saturday evening after the race, it’s wedding, pot luck, dancing & wedding cake.

· New classes, Vet & Vet Master, Auto 2 wheel & 4 wheel, Vintage, “Adults on Mini’s” we need a name for this, like old kids on mini’s, or fatso on mini’s. Please send in your thoughts for this class, this class will be racers over the age of 15 on mini ATV’s. Yes bring your camera.

· Advancement points for moving up a class is the only way you can move up, if you don’t have enough points you cannot move up, if you need to move downplease ask.

· Quad xross & Mud bog does not need a CMRC ATV License so bring some friends to see if they too will get hooked

· No more ties for racers, see rule book

· We will be posting times on scoring sheets, 30 minutes for adults, 1 hour for mini’s to protest scoring

· If you think someone is cheating, please no stories or rumors, put your money where your mouth is, see rule book

· Volunteers are always needed, even for half day or small responsibilities, with thanks

· Web site is running with over 4,000 pictures, 2010 rules & changes will be up soon www.cmrcatv.com

· You can even sign up & register for a race weekend on the web, think about the time you will save

· Canada Cup has 10 great races but not for all, Quebec CMRC only has 5 ATV classes. As they combine 2 & 4 wheel racing on the same day it makes for a busy day. Limited racers will be going to Quebec. We will of course still have over 18 classes in Ontario, that’s 18 National & Amateur championships. Canada’s best. ”The Canada Cup Nationalswatch us right after the Olympics.

· The Salib family is very excited “Thank You” we are all looking forward to seeing our friends & meeting new ones.

Moenes Salib

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