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Dylan’s Update: Walton Provincial / ANQ

I was at Walton this past weekend for the 4th Round of the Ontario Provincial Championships / Amateur National Qualifier. Walton has always been one of my favorite tracks with it's tacky / hard pack base, rolling terrain, and fun jumps. We had great weather all weekend for the two day race and I had a solid weekend all around. My great weekend was topped off with winning a case of oil for checking into the Walton event on facebook (thanks Chris!).

On Saturday the only class for me to ride was the Under 30 which was packed with 79 riders who were looking to get some track time for Sunday's races. In my qualifier I nabbed a solid start just inside the top 5 and was able to pick up one position in the 3 lap sprint, finishing 4th. In the main, I took the same gate which worked out pretty good. I got a second place start but lost a couple positions on the first lap due to some poor line choices. Later in the race, I would get passed by two more riders leaving me to finish in 6th. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find more speed to stay with the leaders but it was still good to be up there and see what lines they were taking which would be helpful on Sunday.

Under 30 –> Q4, 6th in main: 6th overall

On Sunday I knew it would be a very long day of waiting around with only one class to ride so I borrowed a buddy's 2011 KTM250SXF to ride in the MX2 Pro class to get some extra track time and break up the day (Thanks Mark @ STS!) Having never ridden the bike before and not having been on a 250F for well over a year I didn't set high expectations for myself. I found myself trying to lug the bike around the corners in practice like I can on my 450 and it took me a few laps to figure out how to keep the bike in the sweet spot. I ended up finishing towards the back of the pack going 8-9 for 9th overall (at least I wasn't last) but more importantly using the motos to check out lines for my real class the MX1 Pro.

MX1 Pro moto 1 I got one of the best holeshots I can ever remember getting – I was literally WIDE OPEN around the first turn as I started on the outside of all the other riders. It felt pretty sweet. I knew I wasn't the fastest rider on the track but I held my own as best I could and only gave up 3 positions over the course of the race and finished right behind Mesley who was in third. In the second moto I tried the same gate again but they had just watered the first corner and I blew past the corner a bit causing me to allow everyone to tuck on the inside of me. I think I rounded the first turn in about 10th but picked up a couple spots in the next few turns. The track was a bit dusty by this point allowing the lead group to really get away from the rest of the pack. I made a couple passes and lost a couple positions leaving me right about where I was by the end of the first lap in 6th.

MX1 Pro –> 4, 6: 5th overall

After this weekend I now sit tied for 3rd overall in the MX1 Pro Provincial Championship series…looks like I'll be in Paisley next weekend for Round 5 next weekend!

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