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@GoPHERDUNES is hosting the @CMRCracing Season Opener ANQ Motocross Race on Sunday

Update Blast from the Dunes….April 14, 2011
Two weeks into opening both the big track and pee-wee track (trails still remain closed) we've had record riders out this past weekend almost doubling the riders from the opening weekend prior! 
Saturday proved to be a very successful day, which in addition to regular practice riders flocking in non-stop throughout the day, we also hosted the KTM MX Demo Ride featuring some top Canadian Pro's out doing a few laps on their new KTM's along with enthusiasts getting in some elbow-rubbing and autograph signing opportunities with their idols! 
We were fortunate to miss out on the surrounding thunder and hail storms and had balmy temperature's reaching well into the 20's by mid-afternoon!
Red Bull was back onboard to support this Sunday's CMRC sanctioned practice run, which allowed members an opportunity to test and tune-up for this weekend's Season Opener Race.  Details are outlined below, as well as Sunday's Race Schedule…. 
The track is now CLOSED this week:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday  in preparation for this Sunday's CMRC Opener! 
Saturday, April 30 is approaching quickly and this is when we are hosting our one day Group Motocross Training Session for all levels from 50cc to 85cc & up.  Students will be divided into bike size and level of experience with numerous instructors working with the kids.  Various things will be covered from beginner riding skills to advanced levels, as well as fitness and nutrition with stretching, balance, bike set-up and race preparation, body positioning, braking, cornering, jumping, whoops, starts and stops plus riding and racing strategies, with emphasis on racing in sand. 
All students must pre-register using the downloadable registration form that is available on the 'Rider Training' link of the Gopher Dunes website.  Included with their training fee, each student will receive a pair of SCOTT goggles!  Don't delay…register today!!
Cost:  $160.00 + HST = $180.80       From 10am to 5pm       $50 advance deposit required
6 hours training with two 15-minute breaks & half hour lunch break (pack your own healthy lunch, drink & snack) 
We are also setting up private, semi-private and family safety & beginner training sessions plus advanced mx riding lessons.  Bike, quad and gear rentals also available….we're ready to suit you up and train just about anyone willing to give it a try, from the first-timers to the pro's ready for some tips on sand racing!!
For more details email:  info@gopherdunes.com  or  call Barb at 519-842-2781
ATTENTION:  MudFesting Folks  —  your day is fast approaching:  Good Friday, April 22 is our annual Spring 4×4 MudFest.  This event is for trucks & jeeps only and no bikes or ATV's are allowed that day.  The track will be CLOSED!  Stay tuned for more e-details to follow soon…..
Check out the "Pro Shop Specials" available this weekend….
Now….for the 'full scoop' on this Sunday's event including Race Schedule, read below….

        GoPHER DUNES is hosting the CMRC Season Opener ANQ Motocross Races on

Sunday, April 17, 2011
                                                        Food available at the WISECO Pavilion…
Gates open Saturday from 4pm to 11pm.  Gates open Sunday at 6am.
NOTE:  Gates will be locked after 11pm on Saturday! 
(for untimely delays, we recommend you park alongside Con. 2 just south of the entrance)
    GATE FEE:   $10 per adult
                                $7 under 12
                                Free under 5
          Camping:   $10 per vehicle
  ENTRY FEE:  $30 for one class
                                $25 for 2nd class     
                                $25 for 3rd class                                                                                                      
                                $25 for pee-wee class
                                $20 for 2nd p-w class                                                                                                       
         SIGN-IN:  Saturday from 7pm to 9pm                                                                                         
                                Sunday from 6:30am to 8:30am
Riders Meeting at  8:20am
Practice begins at 8:30am
Racing from 9:30am to 5:30pm
IMPORTANT  Racers must show their 2011 CMRC licence at time of registration.
If you recently purchased your licence and have not yet received it in the mail, you
must bring along your receipt or contact wendy@cmrcracing.com to confirm that you
are registered and get your assigned racing # & also record your membership #. 
VERY IMPORTANT to have this information if you want to race on Sunday!! 
Licences will be sold on Sunday at $140.00, but it will be a time-consuming ordeal & #'s will
not be assigned!  We suggest that you arrive promptly at 6:30am if you still
need to purchase your 2011 licence. 
NEW:  Complimentary CMRC Day Passes will be honoured to NEW RACERS only; that is, never
raced before or haven't raced with any Club in the last 5 years!  These racers will not be
scored or awarded points to qualify for the Walton Amateur National.  Licence app.'s will
still need to be completed, along with the Entry Forms, Minor Waivers, etc.  and the Entry Fee
must be paid. 

All registered racers must have their assigned CMRC # on their jersey/chest protector
as well as on the front and both sides of their bike and with proper colours.  Numbers
can be purchased at the Gopher Dunes Pro Shop (while supplies last).
Incorrect #'s or missing #'s may cause the rider to be scored improperly or disqualified
completely!!  For rules, please visit www.cmrcracing.com
MINORS under 18:  Will have to complete the CMRC 2011 Parental Consent & Minor Waiver
Release Forms with copies available at sign-in.  This means you will need at least one
parent to accompany you at time of registration.    If you have already completed this form
at the CMRC Ride Day this past Sunday, you will need to show your '2011 white card' for authorization. 
What you need for registration so you are not sent to the back of the line…
  • 2011 licence card or you must at least know your membership # & racing #   
  • completed Entry Form & must be signed on back (by parent, if under 18)
  • cash in hand
  • if under 18, completed Minor Waiver Release & Parental Consent Form or '2011 white card' 
  • if under 18, a parent must accompany you to sign the participation waiver
  • racers will receive a wristband prior to exiting the registration trailer

CMRC Opener ANQ Motocross Races @ GoPHER DUNES
             Sunday, April 17, 2011 —  Race Schedule:
NOTE:  **new & revised classes**
Honda 60cc A
Suzuki/KTM 50cc 4-6
80cc/Supermini 50cc 7-8
Kawasaki 60cc B
85cc  7-11
Plus 35 50cc  7-8
MX2 Beginner 50cc  4-6
MX2 Junior – Q#1 60cc B
                      Q#2 60cc A – Q#1
MX2 Intermediate 60cc A – Q#2
Plus 45 50cc Open
80cc  12-16
MX 2 Junior LCQ
MX3 Beginner
Vet Master 60cc Open
MX3 Junior – Q#1 60cc A LCQ
Under 30  17-29
Vet Junior
MX3 Intermediate
Schoolboy  12-16
85cc  7-11
Plus 35 50cc  7-8
MX2 Beginner 50cc  4-6
MX2 Junior Main 60cc B
MX2 Intermediate 60cc A Main
Plus 45 60cc A Consolation
Ladies 50cc Open
80cc  12-16
MX3 Junior LCQ
MX3 Beginner
Vet Master 60cc Open
MX3 Junior Main
Under 30  17- 29
Vet Junior
MX3 Intermediate
Schoolboy  12-16
NOTE:  **this schedule is subject to change, qualifying classes are based on previous race entries**

For more information visit:  www.gopherdunes.com or www.cmrcracing.com

                                Email:  info@gopherdunes.com  or brett@cmrcracing.com
Or call Frank & Barb Schuster:  519-842-2781  or  Brett Lee:  519-522-2299
MOTOCROSS  RACING  at  its'  best on Canada's Toughest National Track ! ! ! !
Quote for the Day:  Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out!