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MXRanking Racer News Volume 4 Has it been four months already? Burning or a free MXRanking T-shirt?

Now into our fourth month of existence the MXRanking vision is getting clearer for many racers, promoters, companies and fans around the globe. Like a new born baby, being only four months old has some major advantages and or course major disadvantages. When your only four months old, communicating with your parents, caregivers, friends and family and even strangers is a frustrating task. You can’t speak their language, your hand and eye signals aren’t recognized and you just can’t get the message out in a meaningful manner. It’s not that you don’t know you’re hungry, tired, or need changing, and it’s not that those around you don’t want to listen or help, it’s just they don’t understand you yet.

MXRanking is not that different from a new born baby but with a catch, in case of MXRanking it’s not just one baby its quintuplets! Communicating with not only racers, but promoters, manufacturers, service providers, fans and clubs when you’re a baby can be an overwhelming experience. On top of that, add the complexity required for a complete overhaul of the traditional methodology (or lack of) that was used to get the sport to where it is now, and you have quite the task ahead of you.

Don’t fret, MXRanking is up to the task, and after only four short months, we are starting to learn how to talk, walk and even run. Racers, manufacturers, promoters and fans are starting to see a clearer vision and all aspects of the industry are now using the MXRanking software with open minds and enthusiasm. If fact most users are very excited about the endless possibilities available for growth to all aspects of our favorite sport.

What’s new on the site!

Time to update your profile, many new features have been added to your racer profile so don't delay getting it up dated.

  1. Troy Lee Designs is the latest company to join MXRanking
  2. A new HighRANK Contingencyprogram is set to kick off in May.
  3. All racer accounts are now FREE. Any and all barriers limiting racers from adding their results, promoting themselves and seeing where other racers are going, have now been removed.
  4. All events now show who is planning on attending them not just the premium event listings.
  5. Team support added for Racers that belong to a team or want to create their own.
  6. Team Ranking’s is also now available
  7. New Sponsor field has been added to the racer profile that offers better promotion for sponsors and supporters. 
  8. New Groups support has been added to the racer profile to enable racers to add up to five different areas they commonly race. 
  9. Greatly enhanced search capabilities for rankings, racers, events, companies and fans.
  10. Did you know that MXRanking is now the largest event database in the world! And it’s growing daily.

Please help us, help you by getting your Friends, Family, Rivals, and Fans to create their profiles on MXRanking!

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Current Top Ten National Standings 

 RANK              Points   Races    Name                                    Age

1                      4,811      15          Cole Thompson – #16             17

2                      4,676      27          Sean Sattanno – #70              19

3                      4,656      23          Robert Devonald-Batt – #5     17

4                      2,156      6            Chad Johnson – #2                 28

5                     1,835       8            Tanner Ward – #84                  11

6                     1,704       8            Westen Wrozyna – #78           13

7                      1,577      9            Eve Brodeur – #41                  11

8                      1,552      7            Ben Toye – #180                     17

9                      1,304      7            Gregory Stewart lll – #311        6

10                   1,296      11           Rylan Foster – #405                20