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Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway Introduces “20th Anniversary” Logo

Walton, Ontario, Canada

(March 31, 2011) – The Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway is sporting an attractive new logo to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the TransCan.
The 2011 logo will incorporate the same basic design as the logo that was revealed last year with the introduction of the TransCan’s title sponsor Parts Canada.  The new anniversary addition logo features a gold banner celebrating 20 years of the TransCan, outlined by the green and gold shield, featuring shining stars that give off a sparkling effect.

“Being the 20th year of the TransCan we are very excited to incorporate anniversary themed surprises to our 2011 event”, explained Walton Raceway Marketing Director, Brett Lee. “We are looking to continue the momentum from past years and incorporate and attract all motocross related companies as well as many outside industry companies into what will truly be a celebration of Canadian Motocross, August 16 to 21, during the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway”.

You can expect to see some of the anniversary themed surprises announced throughout the spring and summer. For starters, this year will feature the largest Canadian Motocross event program ever produced, as we are working with Chris Pomeroy, as our editor. Chris brings 30 plus years of Canadian Motocross experience, which will recap the history of Canadian Motocross, 20 years of the TransCan, 40 years of Walton Raceway and stories and memories from many Canadian motocross icons.

In addition, Walton Raceway is returning to the enduring symbols of its past, the Walton Raceway new Red and White "Heritage Logo" features the former Walton logo in a different context.

“Only a few tracks in Ontario have stood the test of time the way that Walton Raceway has”, stated Walton Raceway’s owner Chris Lee, “2011 will mark 40 years since the hollowed grounds were first turned over by a dirt bike tire. In these past 40 years there has been a lot happen at the our farm where Walton Raceway is located, few thought back then, that this rural setting would turn into the most famous spot for motocross in Canada.”

Both the Parts Canada TransCan Anniversary logo and the Walton Raceway logo will be available on selected merchandise. By the end of April, the new images will be fully incorporated and appear on everything from vehicles and signs to a greater selection of merchandise and guest-related items.

For additional information on The Parts Canada TransCan visit: www.waltontranscan.ca or to view other Walton Raceway events see: www.waltonraceway.ca. For all questions or inquiries, please contact Brett Lee admin@motocrosscanada.ca or 519-525-6409

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