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RJ Motosport Park CMRC southwestern Ontario regional motocross event Sunday Apr 24 – Q & A FAQ here

 *April 24 2011

**RJ** Motosports

**Midland, Ontario

**(705) 722-3800 <tel:%28705%29%20722-3800>

Great track, and seperate mini track!

*Gate Times

*Saturday Open: 4:00pm -10:00pm

Sunday Open: 6:30am – 5:00pm

Adults $10.00

Seniors/12 and under $7.00

Pre School free

Camping $10.00 per night

Entry fee – $30 first class, $25 second class

Saturday Night Sign-In: 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Sunday Sign-In: 7:00am – 8:15am

at Shop entrance.

Riders Meeting: 8:30am

*Don't wait to buy your License at the track. Go online and purchase
it now at*:

Contact :(705) 722-3800 <tel:%28705%29%20722-3800>
 or email *rjmotosport@on.aibn.com* <mailto:rjmotosport@on.aibn.com>

Website: http://www.rjmotosport.com <http://www.rjmotosport.com/>

Track address:

RJ Motosport

1633 Old Second South

Midhurst, Ontario, Canada.

L0L 1X0


Spring Classic Classes

50cc Novice small track

50cc Expert small track

50cc OPEN


65B small track

85cc 7-11

85cc 12-16



Mx2 Beginner

Mx3 Beginner

Mx2 Junior

Mx3 Junior

Mx2 Intermediate

Mx3 Intermediate

Mx3 ProAm



Vet Junior

Vet Master



NEXT CMRC race is Port Perry SJG Fourwinds MX Park May.1.2011. SWO
Spring Series and Iron Man/Eastern Amateur National Qualifier.


1) Do I need a CMRC license to race?

Yes. You can register, pick your number, and print off your license
online at:

 click on the banner at the right.

2) Can I get my license at the track in the morning?

Yes you can but we recommend you purchase it before to avoid delays.
Purchasing it in advance makes the entire event run smoother.

3) Why is there no second class price break in 2010?

The second class price break of $5 is use to cover the HST that is now
charged to the tracks.

4) Do racers have to pay at the gate to get in?

Yes. All tracks have standard gate prices that everyone entering must
pay. You will also be charge an overnight camping fee if you choose to
come the night before and camp.

5) Can I race my 250 2-stroke against 250 4-strokes?

Yes you can compete in the GP classes or age classes (Youth, +25, +30,
+40, +50, Ladies). You cannot race a 250cc two stroke in the Mx2

6) Do I need numbers on my bike?

Yes you must have clear contrasting numbers on all three number
plates. It must be your CMRC assigned race number.

7) Do I need numbers on my back?

Yes. You need to have your CMRC assigned race number on your back in a
contrasting colour.

8) What colour numbers/backgrounds to I need?

You can reference the 2010 Rule book for guidance. However for quick

50cc 4-6 Red on White

50cc 7-8 Black on White

65cc Red on White

80cc 7-11 Red on White

80cc 12-16 Black on White

Beginner/Junior Red on White

Intermediate Black on Yellow

MX1 Pro Black on White

MX2 Pro White on Black

Ladies White on Blue

9) Can I fill up my water tank at the track?

At some tracks you can. You should call each track in advance, or
check the respective track website to verify.

10) If I've never raced before, what class should I sign up in?

You will generally start in your age group for younger riders on
minis, or the beginner class for riders on bigger bikes.

11) Is this weekend at RJ's an Amateur National Qualifier?

No. For complete Walton GNC info or info on the ANQ's go to
www.waltontranscan.ca <http://www.waltontranscan.ca/>

12) Are there hook-ups for my RV?

The majority of the tracks do not offer any type of RV hook up. If
they do it will be listed on their website, and you may be charged
extra for such a service. RJ's does not have any hook ups.

13) Can I dump my grey and black water at the track?

No. All promoters ask that you take your waste with you and empty it
at a suitable station.

15) Is there pit riding?

Yes..but in a slow, first gear controlled speed. If you are caught
doing anything else you maybe suspended for the day. There is NO
testing your bike in the pits ANYTIME. At RJ's there is NO RIDING IN