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Team Canada Motocross of Nations Youth Ambassador Program #mxonyouthrider @teamcanadamxon

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We have been asked many times for this and it is finally up and running!! Thank you to everyone for their patience and to those who have been waiting to buy tickets. We need your support and appreciate it so much!

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Team Canada Motocross of Nations Youth Ambassador Program

Team Canada will be taking 2 riders,one rider from each coast, to Matterley Basin to be part of Team Canada 2017! Do you want to be apart of the MXON Youth Ambassador Program for 2017?

Nominate yourself or your rider by tagging @teamcanadamxon in your Instagram photos and tweeting/facebooking #mxonyouthrider  Good Luck!

“The announcement of the MXON Youth Ambassador program was put out last week and I will have to admit I love this idea. For years we have been complaining about or best riders getting star struck, shell shock, nervous or whatever on the grand stage of HUGE events. Races like Loretta Lynns, Supercross, Motocross or any other race/event that can make or break a rider’s confidence. Its common sense really, in our backyards comfort is never an issue. You see the same faces and you know the skills your competition has. At the levels that put you on the map is such a different animal that you’re used to. This program will help these kids on the rise see how it works on the biggest level there is. The pride and prestige behind the MXON are above and beyond anything in the world for the sport of Motocross so just witnessing it can be a great addition to one’s experience in life while chasing the moto dream.” – Guaranteed MX #mxonyouthrider mxon

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About Team Canada Motocross of Nations

“Canadian motocross fans owe the return of the Canadian MXdN team to one person: Kourtney Lloyd. Lloyd is a savior to the Canadian motocross industry, working tirelessly to help run a bike shop (Cycle North) in Prince George, a Canadian AX team, a huge amateur support program, and now Team Canada. With her efforts, Team Canada not only returned to the world stage last year in 2016, but also got a top 10 finish (their best in 15 years)!”

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