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Transponders and Scoring for 2014

Transponders and Scoring
My Laps Transponders are the preferred scoring system of the Walton Raceway, Steel City Riders, CMRC Regional and CMRC Pro Motocross, AMA, and many tracks around Ontario. AMB accurately provides lap times in real time, logs results online, and calculates series points. To learn more about AMB visit http://www.mylaps.com/
If you wish to see how MYlaps  are logged at www.Waltonraceway visit http://walton.tracksideresults.com/


To mount an AMB transponder you attach a quick mount clip to your fork tube with zip ties, then snap the transponder into the quick mount clip & secure with the strap. Note: The transponder comes with one clip. Additional clips will be available to purchase.

A cable is buried across the finish line and the AMB Transponder is recognized from below. Every time you pass the finish line, no matter the number of bikes, you are recorded. This will produce immediate, accurate race results. How long do the transponders last? What is the warranty?

The Classic Transponder life expectancy is 8 – 10 years. Warranty is 3 years – full replacement for non working items – assuming they are not busted up & broken. Your AMB Flex Transponder is always covered under warranty as long as you have subscribed to keep it activated. Your AMB Flex transponder also has insurance for damage. If you damage your AMB Flex Transponder, you can return it for a replacement once every three years. What happens if I want to borrow a bike to ride?

If riders, or family ride in different classes, not on the track at the same time Transponders can be shared. Simply use attach the transponder to the bracket on the other bike. No notification to the score keeper is necessary as the computer is reading the AMB Transponder, not the number on the bike.

Walton Raceway does rent  and sell Flex Transponders. Flex units cost $20.00 per day for rental and Your personal transponder kit comes with the AMB Transponder, mounting bracket, 110v charger, 12v charger that works in your vehicle. The cost of the kit is $125.00.00. Additional brackets are $5.00.. Walton has only 15 units to rent.
Contact brett@motocrosscanada.ca to purchase or rent.
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 If you enter online for events like Stop Watch Championships or Parts Canada Walton Transcan Grand National Championships you can use www.Motoregistery.ca
Simple go online, ensure your information is accurate and up to date to make all entries easy and quick to use.