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RDS named as exclusive service provider for Walton Raceway in 2013

In 2013, RDS will be managing AMB Transponders scoring, delivering services  at tracks in Ontario such as Motopark, Gopher Dunes, Walton Raceway, Rat Track and RJ Motosport Park. RDS has been contracted to administer 2013 CMRC SWO motocross events, all 2013 CMX race events and the Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton.  AMB Transponders will be the mandatory scoring transponder at the above mention facilities as well as Sand Del Lee Raceway in Richmond, Ontario.

A new race service company,  RDS has been created to provide event organizers with comprehensive full service support offering participants the quality of service they demand at a price track owners can appreciate.  RDS services can be custom tailored to each event’s needs and requests.  RDS can supply services for all types of events, however the focus is on motocross in south western Ontario in its initial launch in 2013

 As well, RDS has contracted former Monster Energy Motocross Championships Event Manager Brett Lee, now with Tite Racing Promotions as lead consultant on the new company. “I see this as something that helps all races become better.” said Lee. “I know from the Monster Energy Canadian Nationals the level of investment in hardware and personnel is huge. To make transponders and high level infrastructure something that can be offered at a regional level can only be done through a co-operative effort.  The goal is to provide promoters, organizers and clubs the best services, best staff and the best races.”

RDS will be hosting AMB Transponder purchase days a various dealerships across Southwestern Ontario in the next weeks. Riders will be able to purchase transponders, get information and learn more about the 2013 motocross season.

Who is Race Day Services (RDS)?
A new race service company, RDS has been created to provide event organizers with comprehensive full service support offering participants the quality of service they demand at a price track owners can appreciate.  RDS services can be custom tailored to each event’s needs and requests.  RDS can supply services for all types of events, however the focus is on motocross in south western Ontario in its initial launch in 2013. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/motocross-race-day-services-1763398.htm

Are Clubs using AMB Transponders as a revenue source?

No. It is often surprising to learn that any Transponder scoring system can costs thousands of dollars. The investment is in the program and not a revenue source. It is simply impossible to recover this level of investment, however it makes racing better. A better racing product for you as racers is our number one goal. RDS will have several “Dealer Days” where AMB Transponders will be available before the season. Details will be announced shortly.  We want to ensure that all effort is made to ensure EVERYONE will have AMB transponders before your first race.  Racers can also call organizations anytime regarding the purchase of AMB Transponders

Riders DO NOT have to purchase MY LAPS AMB Transponders from any particular organization. If you wish you may purchase it directly from MY LAPS. Transponders from MY LAPS are $90 US,  plus shipping, plus tax.

We encourage racers to look on  E BAY for a used AMB Transponder.

We cannot emphasize the point enough that CLUBS are not using AMB Transponder sales as a source of revenue.

Does my RFID tag work with AMB Transponders?

For those riders that have a “$5 Tag/transponder”, that is NOT a transponder, that is an RFID tag. It is not compatible with AMB, Orion or other similar type Transponders systems.

RFID technology is improving but still is affected by many things including range, weather, position, metal, volume of riders on the pass and they do not offer the same level of quality that AMB Transponders do. AMB is a proven technology that can be trusted.

Does my AMB Transponder I have work at any organizations?

Yes. One of the major deciding factors in choosing AMB is all major organizations are, and intend on using AMB transponders. If you own a AMB transponder it is compatible with the CMX, CMRC, MMRS, AMA systems.


Can I rent a transponder?

At this time, RDS will not offer a rental service. The cost of a charger case with 34 transponders in it is $11,000.00 US, we believe that several cases of rentals would be required.. Also please note the rental transponders only have a 3 year warranty. The AMB Flex has a LIFETIME warranty.   As mentioned these are the transponders that are the MX industry standard and can be used at other organizations. RDS believes that in 2013 this will be the standard transponder used in ALL scoring in ALL major events in Ontario.


Do still need numbers on my bike?

Yes. There will be manual backup on scoring at events and you must still use the proper numbers and colors. Officials use your numbers and colors to identify you during events.


What if a rider wishes to just try racing for the first time?

Often, first time riders are introduced to the sport, or a club, by a friend. If those riders are not riding in the same class, transponder can be shared. Riders also have the option of not using an AMB Transponder and not being scored for the day.

At this time it is not feasible to carry the cost of supplying 100′s of rental transponders. RDS also does not want to make this cost mandatory to occasional racers. As AMB Transponders become more common, like proper numbers on the bikes, transponders will be a normal part of the racing culture.


How do the transponders attach to the bike?

You attach a quick mount clip to your fork tube with zip ties, then snap the transponder into the quick mount clip & secure with the strap. Note: The transponder comes with one clip. Additional clips will be available to purchase.


How does the transponder communicate with the scoring computer?

A cable is buried across the finish line and the AMB Transponder is recognized from below. Every time you pass the finish line, no matter the number of bikes, you are recorded. This will produce immediate, accurate race results.


How long do the transponders last? What is the warranty?

Life expectancy is 8 – 10 years. Warranty is 3 years – full replacement for non-working items – assuming they are not busted up & broken. Your AMB Flex Transponder is always covered under warranty as long as you have subscribed to keep it activated. Your AMB Flex transponder also has insurance for damage. If you damage your AMB Flex Transponder, you can return it for a replacement once every three years. What happens if I want to borrow a bike to ride?

Simply use your AMB Transponder on your buddy’s bike. No notification to the score keeper is necessary as the computer is reading the AMB Transponder, not the number on the bike. What is the cost of the AMB Transponder & what is included?

Your personal transponder kit comes with the AMB Transponder, mounting bracket, 110v charger, 12v charger that works in your vehicle. The cost of the kit is $125.00.00. Additional brackets are $5.00. How long will the battery charge last?

A full charge will last about 7 days. It has a motion detector that turns off when not in use, which extends the charge and the life of the battery.  Who do get more information from?


Where are some AMB transponder days?

The first transponder day is this Saturday March 2.2013 at WCK Honda in Corunna. There is no requirement to purchase or have in place a 2013 organization membership.

March 2.2013
12:00pm – 4:00pm
WCK Honda
584 St. Clair Parkway, Corunna, ON N0N 1G0
Phone: 519-862-5398

March 9.2013
12:00pm – 4:00pm
Xtreme Toys
London, Ontario
4123 Dundas St., London, ON N5V 5C6
(519) 457-8697

March 16/17.2013
Toronto International Motorcycle Spring Show
March 16 & 17, 2013
Toronto International Centre
6900 Airport Road
Toronto, Ontario

Saturday – March 16th 10am – 9pm
Sunday – March 17th 10am – 5pm

Other locations and dates, including Machine Racing in Newmarket, will be announced soon. There will also be pick locations announced shortly.