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Amateur National Qualifiers June 12-13

2010 CMRC Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ)  Schedule Released

Over 30 Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) races will take place this year across all eleven CMRC regions in Canada. Thousands of participants will be vying for a spot on the gate at the Wiseco Amateur Grand National Championships (GNC). Before the gate drops for the first moto in your region, make sure you are aware of the qualifying events and the pre-entry procedures.

Regional Qualifying

Riders must participate in at least one Amateur National Qualifier event (ANQ) in order to pre-enter.
Entry priority is determined by regional ANQ series results and regional entry allocation.

Additional regional entries and entries for lower qualified riders will be accepted if allocated positions are not filled.

The bracketed number (x) below is the minimum number of  guaranteed pre-entry gate positions allocated per region for each Championship.

** the exception is the ladies class – see supplemental rules for the ladies national series

Vancouver Island GNC (2)  WCAN (5)
May  2.2010          Nanaimo
May 16.2010         Campbell River
Contact: Myrna Hansen pm_racing@telus.net

BC Mainland GNC (2)  WCAN (5)
May 8-9.2010          Kelowna
June 12-13.2010     Pemberton
Contact: cmrcbc@dccnet.com (905)642-5607 x 1

Alberta GNC (6)  WCAN (13)
May 9 2010              Medicine Hat
May 16 2010            Raymond
May 23.2010            Alix
May 30.2010            Calgary
May 29/30.2010      Grand Praire
Contact: Kim Lechelt adrainfo@telus.net

Saskatchewan GNC (2)  WCAN  (5)
May 2.2010           Swift current
May 9.2010           Kerrobert
May 16.2010         Weyburn
May 30.2010         Assiniboia
Contact: Daryl Murphy motocross_mechanic@hotmail.com

Manitoba GNC (3)  WCAN  (6)
May 2.2010           Baldur
May 9.2010           Altona
May 16.2010         Morden
May 30.2010         Melita
June 6.2010          Brandon
Contact:  204-324-8465 mxmullen@mts.net

Northern Ontario GNC (1)  WCAN  (1)
May 29/30.2010      AMX
Contact:  info@sdrracing.ca

Central Ontario GNC (1)  WCAN  (1)
May 16.2010       Massey Fairgrounds
May 30.2010       Providence Bay
June 6.2010       Runway Park
Contact: Randy Hall  hallre@sympatico.ca

South Western Ontario GNC (11)  WCAN  (1)
May 2.2010            Gopher Dunes
May 9.2010            Auburn Hills
May 30.2010          Rat Track
June 12-13.2010    Walton
Contact: Brett Lee brett@cmrcracing.com (905)642-5607 x 1

Eastern Ontario GNC (3)  WCAN  (1)
May 9.2010         Sand Del Lee
May 16.2010       Port Perry
Contact: Johnny Grant Johnny@mx101.ca 1-866-701-1960

Quebec GNC (7) WCAN (1)
May 22-23.2010      Ste-Apollinaire
May 29-30.2010      Ste-Julie
June 5-6.2010         Tring-Jonction
June 19-20.2010     Ste-Véronique
Contact:  Jerome Bureau j.bureau@cmrccompetition.com

Atlantic GNC (4) WCAN (1)
May 16.2010     Kingston
May 29.2010     Fox Hollow MX
June 13.2010    Mill Hill
Contact Tammy Devlin tldevlin@canada.com