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Postponed- August Long Mudbog

August Long Mudbog
Saturday, August 1.2020

Walton Mudbog Postponed Until September Long Weekend

The requirements placed on this facility to be operational this season are immense – we are under intense scrutiny from every angle possible. Due to the necessary protocols that have been placed on us to keep our staff, participants, and community safe, we are forced to postpone this weekend’s August Long Weekend Mud Bog – August 1-2, 2020.

We were unable to provide our municipal and regional logistics team in Huron County with an accurate picture of the number of registrants attending the mud bog this weekend. Social media numbers and call-in activity indicated high interest, however, our online registration for this event was virtually non-existent.

We could not safely predict the required staff, and protocols to be in place for the mud bog.

Online registration for motorsports has become a critical tool for not only ourselves but for all offroad communities. It allows safe tracing, competitions to safely gather and our community to understand the types of competitions we are holding. These are the minimum mandatory requirements we have to meet in order for us to be operational in 2020.

To the 30 people who took the time to register, thank you and you will be issued a full refund.

We hope we can regroup and create a great off-road experience for you in September, but we can only do that with your cooperation.


All shapes and sizes of mud vehicles are invited out to the August Long Weekend mud bog. Gates open Saturday morning at 9:00 am, drivers meeting at noon and then the fun begins!

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9:00 am
Gates Open and Camp Parking
All vehicles will be parked by the Walton Raceway Parking staff
All awnings will face NORTH.

Photo Shoot – Show and trade
Enthusiasts are asked to park their ATV, UTV or truck in front of their rigs for photographer form Walton Raceway, and off-road media to share.

Attendees are encouraged to set up tables and sell used parts and equipment to fellow competitors.

Mega Truck, Tough truck and UTV on Motocross track. NO ATV’s.
Competitors will circle the course, and attempt to post their best time. Competitors will have 2 attempts, minimum.

The truck will have a Modified and Stock class.

UTV Will be open.

7:00 pm – 10:00pm
Rev off – Competitor registering highest DB output…wins.

Tug Of War – Trucks take on each other in elimation competition.

ATV Mud-Pit drag competition. Who can go down through and back the quickest!

August 2.2020

Gates Open

Sign in

Driver Meeting

12:00pm -5:00pm
Pits Open

Pit launch