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Calling all sport-delivery organizations, teams and clubs – host your Sports Day in Canada event and join a national celebration of sport.

Calling all sport-delivery organizations, teams and clubs

Get involved by hosting your own local celebration event anytime during the week leading up to, and including, September 18.  Join thousands of organizations across Canada and plan a party, open house, game, competition, meet-and-greet, try-it day, tournament, fun run, spectator event or pep rally.  Create something new, or throw open your doors to a competition, activity or event your organization is already doing—and invite other Canadians to join you: 

  1. Think of a sport-related event or activity that your organization, club, team or school is already doing, or could do, between September 11 and 18, 2010. If the event is already open to the public, great—all you have to do is register it on the site.  If not, decide how you could open it up to the public—hold an open house, offer a free ‘try-it day,’ hold an athlete meet-and-greet before a competition, stage a community softball game, invite people to view a team practice or invite your local mayor to host a demonstration event of your sport.  Use your imagination. 
  2. Post the details of your local event (contacts, description, photo etc.) on the Sports Day in Canada website atwww.cbcsports.ca/sportsday as soon as possible.  
  3. Promote your event to the public.  After August 18, the site will include free promotional tools you can download and customize:  e-blasts to send to your organization’s members, web banner ads to put on your website, free articles about Sports Day in Canada for your newsletter, customizable posters you can print and put up in the community, etc.  
  4. The event listings registered on www.cbcsports.ca/sportsday will become fully, publicly searchable after August 18.  Individuals can make plans to come to your event, media can find out details and the country can learn more about your sport and your organization! 
  5. You will also be invited to promote your event to the local media in the 2-3 weeks leading up to September 18.  Free PR templates will be available in early September for you to send out to any local contacts you have.  If you know any local politicians or elite athletes or celebrities, invite them to come to your event and tell people about it!  
  6. Host your Sports Day in Canada event and join a national celebration of sport.