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Fanfest Pit Party, Concert, Bingo & more planned for the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan

Walton Raceway to Continue the FANFEST PIT PARTY, CONCERT, BINGO AND MORE, during the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship 

WALTON, ONT. CANADA (May 13, 2013) – Walton Raceway is excited to announce the continuation of their Nightly Entertainment, during our 22nd Annual Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship, August 13th to 18th. Entertainment includes: 

Saturday – Walton Raceway Fanfest Pit Party, Trophy Presentation, Photo Contest and Fireworks. 

Friday – Best Whip Contest, Live Concert (Artist to be announced Friday, May 17th at 1:00pm)


Thursday – Walton Raceway Bingo, Mini Track Building Competition, RC Car Racing, BMX WaltonX


Wednesday – Walton’s got Talent, Kids Scavenger Hunt, Pit Bike Practice followed by Racing


Tuesday – Opening Ceremonies, Closest to the Pin Golf, RC Car Practice, BMX WaltonX Practice


The success of the inaugural Walton Raceway FanFest Pit Party in 2012 was tremendous, as Walton Raceway featured the only Canadian Motocross National in history, where all Pro Racers were available for autographs at one time and place. Hundreds of fans got up close and personal, getting autographs and meeting all the riders on the Canadian National Motocross Circuit, while also having the chance to win over $10,000 in product prizing.


“For 2013, we are looking to build upon the success of our FanFest Pit Party Experience, as it’s a fantastic opportunity for our Fans and Amateur Rides to meet Canada’s Top Motocross Racers,” said Brett Lee, Sales and Marketing Director of Walton Raceway. “Our FanFest Pit Party offers a chance for our Canadian Pro Riders and Teams to showcase their personal sponsors and promote themselves, while engaging and building a connection with the fans.”


In addition to the FanFest Pit Party, Walton Raceway will continue to offer an array of Entertainment while the top Canadian Motocross Amateur and Pro Racers battle all week to be crowned a Canadian National Motocross Champion. Entertainment will include: Opening Ceremonies, Closest to the Pin Golf, RC Car Racing, BMX WaltonX, Walton’s got Talent, Kids Scavenger Hunt, Pit Bike Racing, Walton Raceway Bingo, The Mini Track Building Competition, Trophy Presentation, Photo Contest, Fireworks and more, PLUS a Live Friday Concert, as the Artist will be announced Friday May, 17th at 1:00pm.


Fans will also be able to check out Sponsor Displays and Purchase Merchandise and more from many of our Walton Raceway Partners and Vendors throughout the entire week.


For More information on Walton Raceway or The Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship (GNC), please log on to www.waltonraceway.ca or www.partscanadatranscan.ca. For all media, marketing and partnership requests, please contact Brett Lee admin@motocrosscanada.ca or call 519-525-6409. To follow Walton Raceway or The Parts Canada TransCan GNC on Facebook and Twitter, log on to http://www.facebook.com/TransCan orhttp://www.facebook.com/WaltonRaceway and https://twitter.com/TransCan or https://twitter.com/waltonraceway.



About The TransCan

In 1992, the TransCan was created as Walton Raceway would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian Motocross. The TransCan was built from a great natural track, strong community support, accessibility and support from the Industry. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunity for the best Canadian racers in all age classes to compete against each other for a Canadian Amateur and Pro Motocross Championship.


About Walton Raceway

Walton Raceway is located in Huron Country on Ontario West Coast. The address of the facility is 42852 Walton Road in Walton, Ontario, Canada. Walton Raceway was opened in 1971 and is one the longest running and most prestigious Motocross facilities within Canada.


About Tite Racing Promotions®
Tite Racing Promotions®, Inc. is the Canadian leader in Motocross Events. Tite Racing Promotions, Inc. productions include The Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship® and The Canadian Off-road Truck Racing Championship. Tite Racing Promotions is a Sports Marketing and Promotions company with an expertise in Event Management, Marketing, Sponsorship, Media Relations, Social Media and more. For more information on Tite Racing Promotions contact Brett Lee at 519-525-6409.