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Gate House

For the past twenty or so years, we’ve used an old wood frame gatehouse as our welcoming committee.  The uneven concrete floor, windows that don’t open and a door that doesn’t latch welcome riders, guests and sponsors to the facility – we just hope the faint smell of raccoons doesn’t scare them off if they get too close.  And while this little 150 square foot gatehouse has served us well over the years, it’s time for a change.  We’re upgrading our first impression to the facility with more space, more vision and more of the good stuff that is Walton Raceway:  welcome to Gatehouse Moto.

Gatehouse Moto is a natural extension of everything Walton Raceway has evolved into since 1972.  Gatehouse Moto will be more than just a motorcycle shop, it’s a space for friends who believe in having fun, riding all kinds of things, being creative, inspiring others, and being genuine to the core.  Gatehouse Moto will be located in the renovated solar shed, located to the west of the facility entrance laneway.  An open-concept space that is reminiscent of vintage motorcycle shops: filled with leather, wood, and metal. 

Large roll-up garage doors flank the east and north facades, drawing your line of sight to the long retail and coffee house wooden counter.  A casually seated area invites you to bench race with buddies in between browsing the limited-edition, branded WLTN collections, small business collaborations and unique capsule designs.  

A broad range of motorcycle and bicycle retail items will be also present to encompass our broad range of customers:  motorcycles, e-bikes, fuel, tires, tubes etc.  Smaller collections of Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs and Callus motocross gear will round out the needs of our customers.

Gatehouse Moto coffee shop welcomes the weekly fraternization of two-wheel enthusiasts: detour off of the G2G Rail Trail on your bicycle to experience our Shop Bike/Gatehouse Coffee collaboration, fuel up with a juice and grab a locally made snack bar to-go.  Pop in after your practice session for hot dog happy hour with Hot Rodz Food Truck.  There’s room for everyone at Gatehouse Moto, join us and enjoy the sun on our concrete patio while you remember what it’s like to live the good life.

Fall Schedule

Please note, the facility and Gatehouse will be closed until September 2nd.
  • September 3rd: Open Practice
  • September 4th: Steel City Riders Club Race
  • September 10: Open Practice
  • September 11: TVR Club Race
  • Sept 16-17 Closed

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