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Give concussions the respect they deserve. You only get one brain! Here are the basics 2 no BEFORE one occurs @racerxvt

Headache – Very drowsy – Can't recognize people and places – Vomiting – Confusion – Seizures – Unsteady – Slurred speech
  • Use SCAT2 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool). SCAT2 is a standardized post concussion evaluation where the athlete scores themselves on how they feel as well as observation by others. You give a copy of these results to any attending medical staff. There are also memory checks, cognitive and nuerologic screenings to be done by the attending medical staff so that you will have a record of the results. The SCAT2 is then done during the recovery process to aid in determining the severity of the concussion, level of recovery and return to play. A preseason SCAT2 test is also suggested to help in post concussion interpretation of scores. You can download a copy of the SCAT2 here: SCAT2 on coachseiji.com

As someone who has had the personal experience of repeated concussion and seen others suffer from lack of speedy diagnosis PLEASE read this and be prepared for WHEN NOT IF a concussion occurs to yourself or someone around you.