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Gopher Dunes is opening for motocross practice this Saturday, April 2 & Sunday, April 3 from 11am to 6pm for recreational riding

Well, this season has definitely started out unlike from last year,
when things were dry enough to have the track open by March 19.  It’s
certainly been much more of a struggle this year and continues to do
so as the snow keeps on sneaking back along with the colder night
But….we’re almost there now…..
Lots of water pumping and trenching took place during the milder days
of March Break, where low-lying areas of the motocross track had lakes
of water over waist-deep.  Slowly but surely, things have been shaping
up and we are opening both the big track and the pee-wee track this
Saturday, April 2 & Sunday, April 3 from 11am to 6pm for recreational
riding.   Any extreme low temp’s on Friday night may slightly delay
the 11am opening on Saturday, to allow the sun to rid of any ground
frost?  Otherwise, both tracks are in good condition!
Then for the remainder of April, please visit:  www.gopherdunes.com
and view the Monthly Track Schedule for our April calendar.

The trails will NOT be open for about another month, as they are
extremely wet and impassable.  Only sport quads and mx/dirt bikes are
allowed on the track, absolutely no 4×4 utility quads.
New for Gopher Dunes in 2011 is that we are now accepting Visa,
MasterCard and Dr. cards for Pro Shop sales and also for practice
riding when signing in at the shop.  All electronic sales will have
the additional HST added to the transaction. We also have an ATM

Please help us speed up the sign-in process…
For MINORS under 18:  it is mandatory that Minors fill out the
Parental Consent  Waiver for Parental.pdf  & Minor Waiver Release
Waiver for Minors.pdf  forms before their first ride at Gopher Dunes
in 2011.  Unless you plan on bringing along both parents to your first
ride out at the Dunes, you must complete these forms at home.
Download and print them, read them, get them signed as per
instructions below and bring them along.  Without these forms you can
be denied riding at the Dunes, so get ‘er done NOW!!  Even if both of
your parents will be accompanying you, by completing these forms in
advance will definitely speed up the sign-in process.  Thank you!

Details on completion of both forms:
Waiver for Parental.pdf  This Waiver requires the Minors (anyone under
age 18) full name printed in Line 1 and then BOTH parents names need
to be signed & printed at the bottom, one below the other.  This
Waiver must be completed once per year as we are required to keep them
on file.  Please read and understand what the Waiver outlines, and to
save time, do this in the comfort of your home, prior to arriving at
Gopher Dunes Inc.  If the parents are divorced, they can each sign
this form separately and bring both along.  If there is sole custody
or one parent is deceased, notate this at the bottom and then a single
signature is sufficient.
Waiver for Minors.pdf  This Waiver must be read and signed by the
Minor (under 18).  He/she must enter their age on Line 5.   The Minor
then must sign and print their name at the bottom and one parent can
sign as a Witness.

The Parental Consent & Minor Waiver Release forms are legal documents
and it is mandatory that Gopher Dunes Inc. has these on file for 2011.
The completion of these 2 forms in their entirety are required to be
done once a year, and they must be done prior to your first time
riding at Gopher Dunes in 2011.
NOTE for MINORS under 18:  No completed forms = No ride at Gopher Dunes Inc.

2011 Gopher Dunes Memberships are also available for purchase — to
get your ‘best bang for the buck’ you should purchase your membership
prior to your first ride at the Dunes.  For $450 + HST you will get
Unlimited Practice Riding plus Free Gate Admission to our 4×4 MudFests
& to our CMRC Motocross Races (excl. the Pro Nat’l w/e & ATV Canada
Cup w/e).  Additional inclusions for 2011 Members will be a 15%
discount on most Pro Shop purchases plus a free pair of SCOTT goggles
offered to the first 20 new 2011 Memberships signed-up!

From all the phone calls and emails we’ve been getting, we know there
are a lot of anxious riders out there!  So head on down to the Dunes
for your first outdoor ride of the season here in Ontario!

Quote of the day:  If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always
have more.  If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never
have enough.