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Move in info for Amateur Participants at TransCan

** If you are attending the event as a spectator look here for information

Your entry application has been received and processed. Carefully check motoregistry.ca to determine the status of your entry — confirmed or standby. Check that all information is correct. Please note the following:
* present the entry receipt at sign in.
* Proof of age is required if racing an age class.
* Your bike serial number is recorded to ensure rule compliance.

We understand that hard work has gone into your racing efforts and we hope that your stay at Walton will not only be rewarding, but enjoyable. To help ensure that the week is a positive experience for everyone we request that the following rules be respected:
* NO generators past 11:00pm
* NO pit bikes or carts of any kind
* NO littering, PLEASE help us recycle
* If at all possible, leave your pets at home. Otherwise they MUST be short leashed and scooped up after
* NO glass containers
* NO open Alcohol off your campsite
* Riders are responsible for those within your pits, be courteous and respectful of others in order to ensure a sense of community. Visitors to the pits must be signed in by a CMRC member.

The site rules will be posted as you enter the site and will be enforced by ISM security staff and OPP if necessary, so please familiarize yourself with the site rules, as ignorance will not be considered a defense. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Monday, August 13th

Blyth Campground Pre-TransCan Tailgate party, camper and racer registration

8:00PM Amateur Sign In Opens
10:00PM Amateur Sign In CLOSED


7:30 am – Gates Open for pre-registered campers
2:00PM Amateur Sign In Opens
6:00PM Amateur Sign In CLOSED
7:00PM Opening Ceremonies & Mandatory Riders Meeting

Wednesday, August 15th

7:30 am – Standby Entry Roll Call
8:30am – Practice

Post Entry and Standby Procedures

Post Entry will be accepted during sign in for any class that is not filled by pre-entry. Post entries that want to be added to the standby list for a class filled by pre-entry may do so during their sign in time.

Standby entries who have signed in will have roll call beginning at 7:30am on Wednesday. Classes will be called in the same order as they appear on the pre-entry form 1-22. The names will be called in the order they were received until either the gate is full or there are no more names for that class.

Thanks to Wiseco, every rider will be issued a commemorative racing bib during sign in. The bib is to be worn at all times when racing on the track for scoring. This will have your CMRC racing number on the back. The number on your bike must match the number assigned by CMRC. The number plate colours and lettering must conform with the CMRC rule book available at www.cmrcracing.com.

Mechanics must register to receive a special commemorative mechanics pass to allow access to restricted areas on the track.

Each motorcycle must be equipped with transponders . Electronic scoring will provided by CLT at a cost of $10 per week per transponder.

Racer sign In — closes at 6:00pm Tuesday – SHARP!

This event is run under CMRC sanction and CMRC rules and these rules will be STRICTLY adhered to. For your own benefit, print off a copy of the CMRC rule book at www.cmrcracing.com and review it thoroughly!

Walton Raceway has again teamed up with the municipality of North Huron to open the Blyth Camp Ground to visiting motocrossers. With 800 serviced sites we challenge you to fill it. The cost for Monday is included as part of the TransCan gate fee.

TransCan staff will be on site Monday to register visitors for entry into the Raceway grounds on Tuesday. Everyone will get a time of arrival card to show at the gate .

North Huron staff will be on hand to look after early arrivals and those that want to stay longer. Blyth and area merchants are getting ready too to extend a Huron County welcome.

There will be no ATM machine at the Blyth Arena this year but there is a CIBC and ATM at the Variety Store in Blyth.

Full Amateur Event Gate Fees

Adults $110 (Monday – Sunday)

7 – 11 years old (with proof) $55 (Mon. – Sun.)

6 & under (with proof) FREE

All passes include HST, Blyth Campground (Monday only), Walton Raceway parking & camping, Jason Blaine concert and Sunday’s Pro national .

Everyone will be issued a wrist band at camper registration which must be worn and visible at all times after entering the site at Walton Raceway .

Vehicle stickers – will be issued at camper registration for vehicles entering the grounds at Walton Raceway. These must be stuck on the windshield and visible at all times.

Rider Card – When you arrive for visitor and vehicle registration, riders will receive a Rider Card. These cards will help with Sign In procedures for speed and accuracy. The card must be completed with your name, bike #, and serial #, and taken with you to Rider Sign In at the time marked on the card, along with your entry confirmation.

Access Card – when you register for camping you will get an access card with a time on it. This will be the earliest time you will be admitted in Gate ‘B’ on Tuesday at Walton Raceway.

Parking locations will be designated by site staff so if you want to camp in a group, arrive as a group. Extra vehicles and visitors must park in the area designated.

NOTE THAT AMATEUR PITS ARE NOW ACCESSED VIA GATE B. Arrival at Walton Raceway on Tuesday – for direct entry to Gate ‘B’ you must arrive on or after the the time displayed on the access card you will be issued at camping registration. The access card must be clearly visible on the dash. The vehicle sticker must be stuck on the windshield and visible. All occupants must have armbands on and displayed for the gate personnel. If you are unable to comply you will be directed to the holding area for further assistance by TransCan staff – NO PARKING on Walton Road at any time.