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Track Building

Walton Raceway Track Building

Led by experienced builder Barry Hetherington, the Walton Raceway team has more than 30 years of experience building tracks, managing Walton Raceway and racing ourselves. We bring a unique brand and proven track record to creating all types of off road  tracks, managing events and creating offroad brands.

Custom Track Designs
When it comes to private tracks, we focus on some key points to make the best track for clients. We learn from you the type of rider you are and the calibre of athlete that is using the track. What considers the type of terrain, soil and obstacles you enjoy and want to improve on as a rider.  At the core of our planning, we always focus on safety.  

Every track is different. There are so many variables that go into the design and construction of a track, that there is no set price. There is many factors that impact the cost of track builds. Some variables that affect job costs are:

  • Type and size of a track (Pitbike, mini bike intended, supercross, outdoor, truck, UTV etc)

  • Amount of land (how much track space, pit spaces, location to water)

  • Type of soil on site (sand, clay, loam etc)

  • Is the land cleared or does it have trees (do we need to remove bush and trees?)

  • Do you own or do we need to rent equipment  (trailers, tractors, dozers, high hoes)

Small pit bike tracks can be constructed for as little as a few thousand dollars, to complete facilities for over $100,000. It is important you have a budget in mind, so we can help you get the absolute most for your investment.

Facility Design and Management
The entire team at Walton Raceway are experts on working with communities to create riding areas within the proper zoning requirements. We can help exceed community demands that public projects and facilities must meet to be operational.  We will handle everything from document preparation, to preparing the land, designing facility layout, track design, spectator areas, everything needed to open your doors to the public. We can even offer maintenance packages to keep the facility fresh and up to date.

Events and Series
Not only can we build tracks and facilities, but we can handle any race series and spectator events. From helping create your vision of laying out the marketing and building a package to help manage and run the actual event and/or series. The team at Walton Raceway has more than 30 years of experience to share in building the type of events and series enthusiasm needed for profitable events.

Contact Us Info@waltonraceway.ca for more information about how we can help you.


Fall Schedule

Please note, the facility and Gatehouse will be closed until September 2nd.
  • September 3rd: Open Practice
  • September 4th: Steel City Riders Club Race
  • September 10: Open Practice
  • September 11: TVR Club Race
  • Sept 16-17 Closed

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