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Track Chatter from TIMX Tillsonburg Indoor MX , last call for indoor Ontario MX this spring/winter

Tillsonburg Indoor MX
Looks like March 2011 turned into a big fat LION. The middle of March saw warm temps and that meant we were finally able to get back on the track with the Bulldozer and get some much needed grooming done. So much in fact that we actually broke it twice. Both little things so it was up and going quickly, just the bank account is a couple grand lighter. Ouch.
Back to reality,   it snowed   AGAIN
If any of you live in a bubble like we do here, you may not have heard much about the Toronto Supercross this weekend.  The link should be live but lets just say it's Saturday night at 7pm.
It's a tough choice but this is the final season weekend for the Motorcross track in Tillsonburg as well. The choice is yours; ride or watch someone else ride. hmmmmmm
Its been a good season, way too much snow if you like to motocross but hey, at least the track has a roof on it. March 31st is the final practice day regardless of weather. I am certain Gopher Dunes is trying to get open as soon as they can, but until then you have one last week before spring shut down.
Our final race of the season is Saturday April 2nd with the Sasquatch Vintage club racing in the morning and our Indoor Thunder Mini Bike club racing their normal 4 pm start. From there it is bye bye motocross track in preparation for the annual RC showdown.
If I can think of anyother last minute news I will fire it off. Hope to see you for one last ride before the Spring Meltdown.
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