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Two Wheel Motorsport Double Header Weekend

Two Wheel Motorsport of Guelph and Kawasaki presents Round 2 of 5 in the 2010 CMRC Ontario Provincial Championship Motocross Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 at Walton Raceway.

Don’t forget to bring out your PIT BIKES for the MPI Sport Management / Scott Sports / WCK Honda PIT BIKE PARTY, Saturday after racing ends. The cost is only $10 per class, and prizes will be drawn at random, including a full amateur sponsorship from Scott Sports. Sign in will take place at the Honda Pavilion Saturday from 1pm to 2pm, be sure to get your name on a release early so we know what classes to organize.

We all want to keep racing affordable, right? INVITE A FRIEND to this event. There are a couple of things we as track operators do in order to make racing more affordable for you the rider.

1. We can control expenses (we do that)

2. We can cut corners to save money (we refuse to offer less than the best race experience so we won’t do that)

3. We can attract sponsors by offering marketing value to them (Battlefield, Two Wheel Motorsports, Parts Canada, Scott Sports and Kawasaki are great examples where we have done that)

4. We can attract paying spectators by letting them know the event is on and that motocross is the BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!! (we do that with radio campaigns, print, posters, Internet , email, etc)

And you can do stuff too…. When you attract a new spectator to show up it goes directly into making the event and the venue more viable AND adds greater value to sponsors (they love to see spectators) which means they will re-invest and maybe even increase their support to us and you. All of this means that we can all benefit from the best spectator turnout possible.

Even if you only have ONE friend … try  Facebooking, IMing, texting, calling, emailing, poking, .. whatever … you get the idea, and tell them about the Two Wheel Motorsport Double Header this weekend. Our sport is spectacular, Walton Raceway looks amazing, our toilets are clean and we promise to pounce on the nearest puff of dust, so get those invitations out!!

This event is the final Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) for the southwestern Ontario region of CMRC (Canadian Motorsport Racing Club). Success at the ANQs is critical for riders wanting to participate in the August 11-15 Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway.

The Grand National Championship is a limited entry event which only accepts riders from across the country who have demonstrated their ability by placing in the top ranks of their respective regional qualifiers. In Southwestern Ontario only the top 11 riders in each class qualifier are guaranteed a starting gate position at the TransCan! More can get in, space permitting, but only the top 11 know for sure.

The support of Two Wheel Motorsport of Guelph and Kawasaki has enabled us to offer the two day format which results in longer motos and better track maintenance so visit Graeme and Ron to give them some props. For the past 6 years the Walton Double Header in June has seen the biggest rider entry of any event in the country. Not only that, but with so much at stake, it attracts competitors from neighbouring states and provinces for some of the most intense battles and spectacular displays of skill you will see short of the August TransCan.

So grab some sunscreen and a comfy lawn chair and come celebrate the start of summer with us!

Get TransCan information www.waltontranscan.ca

Sign up for TransCan www.motoregistry.ca

Sanctioned by CMRC www.cmrcracing.com


Accommodations: www.ontarioswestcoast.ca

Radio: The Bull http://www.945thebull.ca/

Blyth Inn = Great rooms and good food! 422 Queen Blyth, ON N0M 1H0 – (519) 523-9381 Only 15 minutes from the track!!!

Food service available on site courtesy of Dominic and the gang from Albion Hills Farms of Goderich plus Mike from Mega Cone with ice cream – outstanding quality and value.

Believe it or not – we are proud of our toilets thanks to the services of Bluewater Sanitation http://www.bluewatersanitation.com/


www.twowheelmotorsport.ca Our favourite Kawasaki dealership Two Wheel Motorsport

www.battlefieldequipment.ca #1 for your equipment needs

www.mcgavinequip.com Serving Huron County’s farm equipment needs for over 70 years