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Walton One National Weekend – July 1-3 2022!


Walton ONE – July 1-3 2022




Before we start, Walton One could not happen without groups like True North Fleet Financing, Fox Canada, KTM Canada, GasGas Canada, Country Corners, The Triple Crown Series and MXP Magazine.

It isn’t a party unless everyone is invited!

The two wheel community is prepared to blow the roof off for the 2022 Walton ONE  Canada Day MXTour National in Walton, Ontario. A three day motorcycle vacation (#motocation) in the heart of Huron County, Walton, Ontario —affectionately known as Motocross Town.

This one of a  kind event will incorporate 4 different brands of racing, Ontario Off Road Racing, Pro National Motocross/ Parts Canada Open Amateur Motocross, Dirt Track Racing all in one weekend July 1- 2-3 2022. Creating a common scene for the entire industry and attracting some of the Canadian Off Road industry biggest stars. Broadcasted  live on Fox Sport 2 and Ryde TV Network it will be a weekend of celebration and great racing.

Walton may be a drive from Toronto, but as thousands have learned over the years it is close to many great getaways for the perfect #motovaction. 

You may want to head for the beaches of Goderich or Bayfield just 45 minutes away. Great restaurants, shopping and beaches are the hallmarks of those welcoming communities. If you are in Bayfield check out Windmill Lake Waterpark. Home to one of Canada’s largest in land wake parks! Say hi to Jen, she is a huge action sport junkie.

Looking for something closer to Walton check out the great golf at Seaforth Golf Course, 15 minutes from Walton raceway. The course is home to the Country Classic, a PGA Canada endorsed tournament. It is an immaculate course, just a short drive (and a putt) and boosts a wonderful patio. 

OR check out Cowbell Brewery located just 10 minutes from Walton Raceway. The 40,000 square foot brewery is one the largest in Canada. Great patio, indoor dining and place to explore. While you are in Blyth fill up at the UltraMart  Both businesses love the motocross community and we consider them friends!

Exploring can not be easier with the G2G Trail on our doorstep. Stretching from Guelph Ontario to Goderich Ontario it is perfect for biking, hiking and some country air. The Trail is located 100 METERS from Walton Raceway front gate. It has become a point of pride for Huron County and if you find Chris Lee — he will happily take anyone for a bike ride down to Blyth.  If you are looking to explore by motor, Walton’s Huron County Gravel Runner is our Walton Raceway “insider” map of our favourite spots. Perfect for Adventure bike riding in Huron County. Take back roads to hidden spots, soak in great country scenery on the road less traveled. Huron County is one of the great undiscovered gems of adventure bike touring.

Walton ONE is the Holiday you’ve been waiting for!


Walton One EVENT  Schedule

Thursday, June 30.2022

– 5:00pm Early Camping Entry – Free with weekend purchase. Click HERE


–  Move in and Camping Open.
–  Ontario Off Road Championships Rd 1.
–  9:00am PeeWee
–  9:30am Mini A/B Women Novice
–  11:00Am 1 Hr Morning Classes
–  1:30pm 2.5 Hrs Afternoon Classes
–  7:00pm – Flat track Canada

Saturday, July 2. 2022 CLICK HERE TO BOOK CAMPING

–  Saturday Parts Canada Cup Amateur Day.
–  Practice 8:00am – 10:00am
–  Racing 10:00am – 5:00pm
–  Freestyle – 8:00pm
–  Canada Day Fireworks (Dust)



–  Qualifiers 8:00am -1130am
–  Motos 1:00pm -5:00pm
– 250 Pro first moto
–  3 moto format
–  15min +1 motos 

Weekend Pricing

Weekend Camping $40.00 per vehicle 

Weekend Admission
Adult $50.00  (Gate Opens 10:00am Thursday)
Youth $40.00 (Gate Opens 10:00am Thursday)


Friends Links:







Gravel Runner 

FULL DISCLOSURE These are places we like… you may not! Scenic or Adventure routes may result in being lost. All directions are from the track. 

Port Albert Pub: There is a “Fish Ladder” right next to the pub so check that out, they offer great food, beer all in a Pub/Convenience store. Super unique location.  Anytime we can watch fish, have a beer and burger and leave with an ice cream is a good day.

Scenic or Adventure route from Track : Take #25 to Auburn. Turn right on #22 highway and past the Auburn Hills Raceway track. Turn right at #20 and check out all the Mennonites farms and Windmills. Turn Left on 21 go to Port Albert. “Google” Port Albert Pub.

Shop Bike Coffee: WE love their coffee, their shop and they are just awesome people.

Scenic or Adventure route from Track : Head to Blyth on #25 and turn right on #4 to Londesborough Turn right/west on #15 west to Bendmiller, then take a left/south over to #8. Turn right/West on highway 8. Turn Left/South on Orchard Line and followed to Bayfield. 

Benmiller Falls:  A hidden Gem. Great fishing, hiking, swimming. The falls are amazing to sit in, explore. Fall is an epic time there with trees changing. Great picnic area.

Scenic or Adventure route:  Head to Blyth on 25 and turn right on 4 to Londesborough. Take 15 west to Benmiller. Go past ballpark, and Park entrance on left (south side of road)

Seaforth Golf Course:  This is really a great course only 15 minutes away. They hosted a Canadian PGA, and now host annually the Country Classic, a PGA endorsed course. Don’t be intimidated, they are welcoming rural minded people. Go to Seaforth and head to the South end of town. Take Front Road east. You won’t miss it. Follow any directions to “Bridges” it is the same place. If you cross a bridge heading out of Seaforth on #12 you have gone too far. 

Cowbell Brewery: 10 Minutes drive from the track. World class beer, food and setting. Who says you need to go far to find a great restaurant?

Scenic or Adventure route:  Turn right/West out of the track on Walton Road. Stay on it to Blyth. Warning this is an all gravel road. Turn left/South in Blyth, on #4. At the stop sign is the “Boot” another good eatery.

Albion Patios:  In Bayfield. We love this place but there is lots of great restaurants in Bayfield. Albion has a great menu, secret patio out back is amazing. We like the Black Dog and Public House too. There is an awesome ice cream shop across the street, and down the street is amazing cupcake place. Ask any local. If you can, take your bicycle with you and cruise around town. Scenic or Adventure route:  See our directions to Shop Bike.

Goderich Square and Beach: The square is historical — and locals know what the SQUARE is (there is a brewery named the Square in Goderich.) The beach is located off the square. If you can, take your bicycle with you and cruise around town. You can rent bikes and surf board in Goderich at 360 Boards. Part 2 Bistro is unreal place to east as well.  Scenic or Adventure route:  Head up #25 all the way to #21. Turn South on #21. 

Bacherts Maple:  REAL DEAL MAPLE SYRUP. 2 mins from our track. They make amazing maple syrup, homemade breakfast packages, and have a cool BnB that has a motocross room! And they are just kind, good people. Best to look them up on Facebook – Maple Creek Farms. Scenic or Adventure route:  There isn’t one. They are in Walton. Just North on 12, the first side road is the Moncriffe Line. Down just passed the first mile quarter on the North side.  

Balls Bridge: It is a rare and highly significant heritage bridge that has, through substantial effort, been preserved so that it can remain open to light vehicular traffic. The bridge is located in a quiet, scenic setting, and visitors to this area are strongly encouraged to visit this local landmark. Not far from the G2G, and great adventure bike stop.  Head to Blyth on 25 and turn right on 4 to Londesborough. Take 15 west to Benmiller. 

Brussels Farmers Market (FRIDAY):  5 minutes from the track. Head in Friday grab some freshness from Farmers Market.