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Walton Raceway is Motocross and So Much More!

“Walton is our home away from home, we never miss an event at Walton Raceway” smiles Nicole Devereaux of Egmondville, Ontario.

Nicole, her husband Pat and three sons, Logan – 9, Jax – 7 and Hudson – 6, never miss a chance to spend time, including camping weekends at Walton Raceway. Being with family and friends, so close to home, is a luxury for families from this area and the Devereaux clan can attest, Walton is motocross and so much more.

In 2011, the Devereaux’s bought their first family camper and have never looked back. Camping at Walton, catching frogs, fishing, bike riding on the bmx trails, roaming the ATV trails, climbing up the 32” high Edge of Walton Challenge Course, watching the Mudbogs or seeing championship Motocross events, this family loves, all things Walton.

“Our boys call Walton, ‘Brett’s Track’ and can’t wait for camping season to begin so they can spend time there. They put their electronics down and enjoy fun, outdoor adventures. “As parents, we know our kids are safe, having fun and outside, just like when we were kids. Walton is a gem in Huron County. We plan our summers around Walton events”, Nicole adds.

The month of May at Walton is one of the Devereaux family favourite times to get out camping. Usually, as it is for most campers, it the first outing of the new camp season. They are close to home if something doesn’t work or is missing. Many camp destination do not have many of their attractions open yet so for the boys to explore the ponds full of new life, ride a dirt bike or simply play in the sandbox.  It is the perfect opener to their camping season.

Walton is open for business in 2021. As we expand our business to be a Sports Entertainment Destination, we have included a few new experiences at Walton; axe throwing, archery, mountain bikes trails and running trails. We have also expanded our low ropes course and have added some fun to the high ropes challenge course.

Walton is a proud part of Huron County and invites you to spend a few hours, a day and even a weekend experiencing all things Walton has to offer.

“Visit our website, Facebook page or Instagram account for more details on all the events happening at Walton in 2021. See you soon in Walton”