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Want to Ride? Sign a Waiver!



Click on the following links to download and print the Minor Waiver Release Forms which must be filled out in 2014 and signed by BOTH parents prior to a minor riding at Walton Raceway.


English Waiver


This waiver will be available to sign upon arrival at Walton Raceway and must be signed by each adult rider every time they ride at Walton Raceway in 2014. Please take the time to read it thoroughly in the comfort of your home. Minors under 18 that are coming out to Walton Raceway without their parents along, need to print this waiver at home and have a parent sign this release & present to Walton Raceway staff upon arrival.


English Waiver for Parental


This Waiver requires the Minors (anyone under age 18) full name printed in Line 1 and then BOTH parents names need to be signed & printed at the bottom, one below the other. This Waiver must be completed once per year as we are required to keep them on file. Please read and understand what the Waiver outlines, and to save time, do this in the comfort of your home, prior to arriving at Walton Raceway. If the parents are divorced, they can each sign this form separately and bring both copies along. If there is sole custody or one parent is deceased, notate this at the bottom and then a single signature is sufficient.


English Waiver for Minors


This Waiver must be read and signed by the Minor (under 18). He/she must enter their age on Line 5. The Minor then must sign and print their name at the bottom and one parent can sign as a Witness.


The Parental Consent & Minor Waiver Release forms are legal documents and it is mandatory that Walton Raceway has these on file for 2014 for all participants under 18 years of age. The completion of these 2 forms in their entirety are required to be done once a year, and they must be done prior to your first time riding at Walton Raceway in 2014.


NOTE for MINORS under 18: No completed forms = No ride at Walton Raceway


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